Brow Lift

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Brow Lift services offered in Golden Triangle of Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills, CA

A brow lift can do wonderful things for the areas around and above your eyes. At Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group, a highly skilled professional team performs top-quality brow lifts for residents in and around Beverly Hills, California. When you’re ready to learn more, call or click to book a personalized consultation. 

What are some benefits of a brow lift?

A brow lift is a surgical procedure that lifts and tightens the tissues in your forehead, eyebrow area, and around your eyes. It’s among the most popular treatments for people who want to achieve a more youthful appearance.

A brow lift can address more than one aesthetic concern. Over time, the skin and other tissues above your eyes begin to sag. As you age, your skin loses its ability to resist the forces of gravity and stretching. For most people, this reduces the area between the eyebrows and your eyes. 

Having a brow lift tightens the entire upper region of your face, including frown lines. The lifting effect reduces eyelid sagging and improves the appearance of a hooded eye. Overall, you achieve a more alert, youthful appearance without seeming overly “stretched.” 

What are the steps involved in brow lift procedures?

There are several different approaches used in brow lift procedures. All begin with general anesthesia, allowing you to rest comfortably throughout your visit. 

Your surgeon chooses where to place your incisions according to your unique facial structure and desired treatment goals. In some cases, small incisions within your hairline are all that’s needed to access the necessary muscles, fat and other tissues. Incorporating eyelid procedures requires additional incisions in your eyelid. 

Your surgeon also considers the degree of sagging when planning your brow lift procedure and explains the best approach during your consultation. You also receive full post-procedure instructions to ease the recovery process. 

How do I know if a brow lift is right for me?

When you come in for a consultation at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group, your surgeon sits down with you and discusses your treatment goals. Understanding what you hope to achieve is an essential part of treatment planning and helps ensure you emerge from the experience feeling great about your results. 

In the case of brow lifts, many people choose to include additional procedures at the same time. A face-lift is one of the most common, and blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) is also a popular procedure to augment your brow lift results. Many people choose to have laser skin resurfacing alongside a brow lift to reduce wrinkles, sun damage, and sagging skin. 

The best way to explore brow lifts and other cosmetic surgical procedures in detail is a personalized consultation, which you can schedule online or by phone today.